RE Innovations

N-yform - Intelligent Recycling Matereials

  1. Millions of tons of food & beverage laminate packaging material goes to waste disposal sites, daily. Tendency: increasing.
  2. It is impossible to cost effectively separate the various materials of the laminate sheet, in order to recycle them.
  3. There is also an ever growing need for building and deverse insulation materials that fulfill certain specifications.

The only sensible is to use laminated matter without separation, in order to transform it into a new "raw material" (N-yform) for various uses.

This process saves

  • Energy
  • Labor
  • resources
  • landfill space

Furthermore, the new products are not single-use, short lifecycle, but rather long term applications.

N-yform's competitive advantages, apart from the general ecological and economical aspects, are related to each established product it is compared to. In the case of traditional insulation materials, such as rock wool, N-yform utilizes only a fraction of the energy necessary with similar heat and sound insulation, humidity and flammability results. In the case of MDF type fillers, N-yform is lighter and easy to handle. Other uses such as ready to use type bricks or slabs show increased transpiration, adding to the comfort of the end users.

The production unit of N-yform are cheap to set up, modular in size and can be established near collection points of the waste laminate.

The equipment consists mainly of shredding tools and hear presses.

Other Additives are also cost effective, non hazardous, well establishsed substances.

The entire process is oriented toward an energy-efficient cycle economy.